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Silvio established Silvio’s Electrical in 1987 with his wife Simone by his side. Together they built the business from the ground up, embracing advances as they came and taking each challenge in their stride. Simone remembers ‘the early days’ where Silvio and her had walkie-talkies to communicate while he was on the road….look how far we’ve come since then! Silvio and Simone both retired in June 2019, however if you’re lucky you might catch Silvio on the tools every now and again.


Brendan started ‘officially’ working in Silvio’s Electrical in 2004 although he has been living and breathing the business since he was a toddler. These days Brendan is the Managing Director, taking over with brother-in-law Chris when Silvio retired. Brendan is known for wearing his heart on his sleeve. His work ethics are second to none and every job he controls is completed to a high standard. Brendan has an Electrical Contractors License, an Electrical Fitter and Mechanics License, a Solar Design and Installation License, a Low and High Risk License and a Refrigerant Handling License.


Chris started working with Silvio’s Electrical in 2011 and is now a Director of the business. He has a strong eye for attention to detail, provides amazing customer service and is careful and considerate with any job he undertakes. Chris has an Electrical Contractors License, an Electrical Fitter and Mechanics License, a Security Provider Licence, a Low Risk License and a High Risk License.


Anne-Marie is Brendan’s wife and started working in Silvio’s Electrical in 2010 alongside Simone. She took over as the Office Manager when Simone retired in 2019. Anne-Marie ensures that the office and team are running smoothly, the accounts, IT systems, databases and various licences are kept up-to-date and that our customers and staff are happy in general.


The first person that you’re likely to speak to when you call Silvio’s Electrical, Nikita is our amazing Administration Manager. Funnily enough, we found Nikki at a workplace we regularly maintain back in 2016 and convinced her to come and join our team. Her likeable nature, patience and attitude to always try and help makes her an integral member of our family business and the reason we just had to have her in our office! Nikita provides second-to-none customer service and will happily help you out with any enquiries that you have.


Nathan is the newest member of our team yet is fast becoming a crowd favourite with our customers. Nathan has an Electrical Contractors License and an Electrical Fitter and Mechanics License. Nathan’s easy going and ‘can do’ attitude makes him a valuable member of our team.


We snagged Jamie while he was doing school based work experience with our company back in 2018 and we haven’t looked back since, offering him an apprenticeship as soon as he finished school. Jamie is now our third year apprentice and some days we don’t know what we’d do without him.