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Owner and company director of Silvio’s Electrical Pty Ltd for more than 30 years. The longevity of our company is a direct result of the management skills, integrity, honesty and diligence to each and every project, small or large that Silvio has undertaken. Silvio’s experience in fault finding, finding solutions to simplify jobs no matter how difficult, and his planning and attentiveness has resulted in long time clients and continuous recommendations. Silvio holds an Electrical Contractors License, an Electrical Fitter and Mechanics License, a Solar Design and Installation License, a Low and High Risk License and a Data License.


Manager of Silvio’s Electrical Pty Ltd (and son of Silvio). Brendan has been involved in the running of day to day jobs over the last 10 years. His work ethics have established him in high esteem and he has a loyal following of customers. Brendan’s work ethics are second to none, and every job he controls is completed to a high standard. Brendan has an Electrical Contractors License, an Electrical fitter and Mechanics License, a Solar Design and Installation License, a Low and High Risk License and Refrigerant Handling License.


Office manager of Silvio’s Electrical Pty Ltd (and wife of Silvio). Simone has been involved in Silvio’s Electrical Pty Ltd since its inception. Simone is our accounts manager and work control manager. Simone is always ready to speak with you and to help out with any job or problem you may have.


Accounts Manager at Silvio’s Electrical Pty Ltd (and wife of Brendan). When she is not assisting Simone with the daily running’s of our business, she is busy keeping Silvio’s Electrical at the forefront of technology, upskilling or just making sure we are doing things properly. Anne-Marie has recently implemented our very own jobs management system, throwing away paper and making us not only greener but far more efficient.


Head of Maintenance at Silvio’s Electrical Pty Ltd (and Silvio’s son in law). He fulfilled his apprenticeship with us and is now a fully-fledged tradesman. He also has his high and low risk license. Chris listens to our customers, and is careful and considerate with any job he undertakes. Chris is easy going and works well with all in our team, and upholds the work ethic that is standard to Silvio’s Electrical Pty Ltd.


Tradesman and Mr Everywhere at Silvio’s Electrical Pty Ltd. He fills in all the gaps in our business and is proficient in so many areas. Ben may not be related but he is looked upon as part of the family. Ben’s soft nature makes him a pleasure to work with and be around and his attention to detail is always above expected.


Assistant office manager and the newest member of Silvio’s Electrical Pty Ltd. We found Nikki at a workplace we regularly maintain and convinced her to come and join our team. Her likeable nature, patience and attitude to always try and help makes her an integral member of our family business and the reason we had to have her in our office!

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