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We specialise in the design, installation and service of landscape and pool lighting. Silvio’s Electrical appreciates the careful planning and investment you have made in your property and like to consider our involvement as the master stroke in your plans. Because of this, many pool companies around Brisbane know us and recommend us.

Our reputation is built on more than 25 years of tasteful, individual lighting designs, designs that are tailored to your requirements, offering solutions that range from the flick of a switch to fully remote controlled multi-functional systems.

We have illuminated pools, spas, fountains and everything in between. As we own our own trench digger, wet saw and core driller getting power to your pool or gardens is never normally an issue.

We also understand the more important facets to pools and their electrical requirements. We are always aware of the ever-changing rules required to be fulfilled, from pool and fence earthing to power point locations and the general load requirements needed for pool equipment.

All our trucks are set up for general pool electrical wiring and towing capabilities for trenching machine, so if your pool is needing a sparky in a hurry to get some conduits in ASAP we can do it!